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Sutton Schoolsworkers


We are a Schoolswork Charity who aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Christian Faith and support students in their spiritual, social and moral development.

Our Vision

To consistently support students and schools in their spiritual, moral and social development from a Christian perspective.

Our Values

  • Partnering – Developing good relationships and working alongside schools, churches, other organisations and the local community.
  • Professionalism – all our work will reflect good practice and be conducted in a professional manner
  • Boldness – We aim to take calculated risks to further the work of the Trust. We will present our work from a clear Christian perspective, with full respect for all faiths and none within schools.
  • Creativity – We aim to deliver resources and activities in schools that engage children and young people and to use creative approaches to aid learning and retention.
  • Commitment – We are committed on a long term basis to each school in the borough.
  • Integrity – In line with biblical values and Christian teaching

Within the London Borough of Sutton there are 45 Primary schools and 15 Secondary schools and we aim to support all those schools in a variety of ways.

All of this is achieved not just through our Schools Workers and their volunteers but also with the support of churches and their Children and Youth workers.

We have three full-time schools workers,Sarah Webb, Sarah Morton and Cat Hubbard.  Sarah Webb is the director of SSW. Sarah Morton co-ordinates the primary schools work and Cat Hubbard co-ordinates the secondary. They also work closely with local churches to provide and support events for children and young people.

  • RE Lessons
  • Assemblies
  • Easter Experience
  • Parent prayer Groups
  • Christian Unions
  • PSHE Lessons
  • RE Days
  • 6th form conference
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Events for Christian Teachers
  • Seminars for Parents
  • Support and Training of Volunteers
  • Church Visits

A Management Committee and Board of Directors oversees the work and consists of teachers, head teachers, local clergy, youth workers and church members.

Sutton Schools Work is prayerfully and financially supported by individuals and churches of various denominations. We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved.

We hope that you will be inspired, encouraged and excited by what’s happening in our local schools.




 Huge THANKS go to Richard from FotoFly Photography who came to our vision day and took great photos of us individually and as a team.

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