Christian Union

We run Christian Union lunch groups so that students within schools have a space where they feel welcome and accepted to explore Christianity and the Christian faith regardless of their own faith or belief.

CUs are places of fun, friendship, games, chatting and eating. Some are run by local youth workers and others by 6th Formers from the school. We look at lots of different topics that the young people request or Bible stories or modern issues from a Christian perspecti

If your school doesn’t have a CU and you would like to explore starting a group, please contact Sutton Schoolswork.

We run CUs for people like “Geoff” (not his real name) who recently said, “Thank you for running CU. I really like it. I was afraid of telling people about my faith but because of CU I know that others believe in the same things as me and I have been telling people about it.” “Geoff”, aged 13.

“Geoff” is a minister’s child and had a hard time in school because of it, we learnt all of this when he pulled us to one side after CU. He explained that the CU is a cool place (his words) for him to work out what he believes about Jesus and it gives him the confidence to stand up for what he believes in. He told us that he had a presentation to give in I.T. and because of the CU he had included a slide about Jesus, his faith and CU.