RE Days

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RE Days are an opportunity for a whole (or part) year group to engage with a particular theme and examine it from a Christian perspective in a deeper, more creative way. The extended time allows students space to develop their thoughts and reflections on the topic.


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Justice Day – In 2015 Cat launched a new RE Day looking at Justice from a Christian perspective. The day is designed to support young people studying RE GCSE, it examines both social justice and restorative justice.

This first Justice Day was very kindly hosted by the Church of the Good Shepherd and was attended by students from different schools in Sutton. Cat and the team ran the day again in Sutton High School for Girls in early 2016 along a similar plan.

A team of wonderful volunteer youth workers helped to lead the days and facilitate the students’ learning. There were seminars from 10314743_632241680240008_1212406540844823667_nChris Donovan Trust and Tearfund (in 2015) and International Justice Mission (in 2016).


The afternoons were full of creative workshops including art, drama, creative writing and campaigning. The young people then shared what they had made or created in response to what they had learnt. A short time of silent reflection finished the day to enable the students to reflect and think about the spiritual and moral implications of justice as well as their own experiences or thoughts about justice. They each took back to school an information booklet full of useful quotes 10152380_632241620240014_4198946505565943570_nand Bible passages that they could use to answer exam questions asking about Christian beliefs about Justice.

Feedback from students and teachers included;

  • It was a fun and informative day, good to have Bible verses too
  • Very clear explanations re justice – helped me understand the 2 differences.
  • Really good going over the terms and breaking the time with group work
  • I’ve learnt that we must learn to forgive no matter how painful
  • I learned a new way of thinking about people I dislike
  • I really enjoyed it and found it informative and interesting


chocolate_headerHuman Trafficking – In early 2016 Cat and the team ran two days at Carshalton Boys Sports College for years 9 and 10 looking at the topic of Human Trafficking from a Christian perspective.


These days had seminars presented logo-stopthetraffik-300x231by Stop the Traffick and Christian Aid as well as a workshop that explored the chocolate industry and a creative workshop designed to enable the students to reflect
on their learning and educate others in the process.


Feedback from students includes:

  • It gave you a lot of important info and was very enjoyable
  • I liked it, I found it factual and really fun
  • It was very in depth and covered all the key factors of slavery today, it was good and got me questioning all the aspects involved. It made me think about children and how hard they work for the chocolate I eat

If you would like any more information or to book an RE Day please contact Sutton Schoolswork.