Secondary Assemblies


Most people tremble at the thought of standing in front of hundreds of teenagers and sharing an inspirational thought, a short story or a message for the day…. but we absolutely love it!

Secondary School Assembly

We deliver tailor-made interactive, relevant and interesting assemblies to suit the school we’ve been invited to. We’ve looked at a load of different topics including;

  • The power of our words
  • Christmas… what’s your priority?
  • Who do we follow?
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Being a hero
  • Loving our enemies
  • Suffering

At Overton Grange we have had nothing but a positive experience working with Sutton Schoolswork in delivering some of our assemblies. Every assembly delivered uses a variety of strategies, ranging from use of video footage, student participation and practical demonstrations which is why our students find them both interesting and informative.  As a school, we also appreciate the balance of content within each assembly between the religious message and the moral of the story or message.  Furthermore, Sutton Schoolswork are also very reliable and organised – they have never let us down and are always understanding when we suddenly inform them that we need to change our arrangements slightly.  It has been a pleasure to work with the group over the past 4 or 5 years.” Keith Stride, Deputy Headteacher, Overton Grange School 

If you would like to know more, want some support with an assembly, get involved with our assemblies or book a Sutton Schools worker for an assembly, please contact Sutton Schoolswork.