RE/RS Lessons

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All of our lessons are designed to help young people examine Christianity, Christian perspectives/beliefs and their own beliefs compared to those of Christians.

We are able to provide input into any subject related to the Christian faith, morality, spirituality, personal and cultural development as well as life issues/decisions.

Topics covered by Cat and the team include:

  • Core Christian beliefspicture 041
  • What being a Christian looks like day to day
  • Salvation
  • Science and Faith
  • What does Easter mean to Christians?
  • Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Restorative Justice
  • Good and evil
  • Bible Interpretations


We work closely with teachers to meet the curriculum requirements and learning objectives set for each lesson. Meeting the learning objectives is paramount in this work as it ensures professionally high standards and that all of the young people throughout a year group cover the same topics/outcomes.


Really like the detail you go in to with the young earth and old earth creationism. Also really like the fact that the students are involved loads, being asked throughout whether they think it conflicts and then the final vote at the end.” Helen Thomson, Head of Religious Education, Sutton Grammar School for Boys (Science and Faith lessons)

Your style of presentation was good and the quality of material interesting and varied. The objects and Bible passages were a useful addition. In terms of hitting your objectives of helping students to see how Christians celebrate Easter, and incorporating your comments from a faith perspective, I think that was all spot on.”

Denis Vernon, Head of Religious Studies, Nonsuch High School for Girls (How Christians Celebrate Easter lessons)