Soul Revolution

Soul Revolution is a strategy to enable, equip and empower Christian students to live out their faith at school and lead their Christian Union group.

With support from our team, the students plan, advertise and run their groups for other pupils within their school.  To help the students lead this revolution, we meet with them once a month for a specific time of training, mentoring, prayer, sharing stories, pooling resources and eating lots of cake.

There are 3 key parts to Soul Revolution:

  1. Christian students
  2. Churches
  3. Parent prayer groups

Christian Students – These students love Jesus and want to make a difference through that love, to serve and bless their school, to give their interested peers an opportunity to find out more about Christianity.

Churches – Where possible, churches work together to provide support, prayer, encouragement and resources to assist students in their leadership of their Christian Union.  Church-based youth workers in particular play an important role in supporting the students with the organisation and planning of the groups.

Parent Prayer Groups – We believe it’s vital that our schools and students are prayed for Site-400x175regularly.  Some schools already have groups which meet together once a month/half term for to pray for the school, the staff, students and any specific issues that they know about.  To find out more about the prayer groups please click here.

Soul Revolution has been running in Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls since 2010. It began in Wilson’s in 2013 and in Greenshaw in 2015. It is hoped that over the coming years more local schools will launch this exciting strategy.  For more info please contact Sutton Schoolswork.