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iwonder spaces are based on prayer spaces and help to create time for personal reflection and spiritual development by giving each child a place to pause, wonder and ask big questions. We currently offer 3 different iwonder spaces to schools which give opportunity for the children to reflect inwards at themselves, outwards at the world around them and if they wish upwards towards God. They get to think about what makes them so special, how they treat others and the emotions they feel in different situations.

Here’s what some of our current volunteers have to say:

I wasn’t sure that something so ‘God-centered’ could work in a busy school…but it does. The room used in the school becomes a special place where children can take time to think about and respond to big issues, presented to them on their level. – Ric Adams

Some of my favourite moments have been:

  • children coming into the iwonder space with wide-eyes saying “Wow!”
  • Seeing children writing thoughts/prayers/concerns for various parts of the world affected by war, disaster or terrorism.
  • A boy in one school telling me he wanted to get to know God, which led to a discussion about reading the Bible.

Margaret Croxford

This year we had 6 iwonder spaces spread throughout the year with each one taking place at a school over the course of 2 days (8.30am – 3pm at its longest). If this is something you would like to know more about or potentially get involved with please do get in touch with Sarah Skinner sarahprimary@suttonschoolswork.co.uk



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