Our work in Secondary Schools has grown over the years. Most people tremble at the thought of standing in front of hundreds of teenagers and sharing an inspirational thought, a short story or a message for the day…. but we absolutely love it!

We deliver tailor made lessons, assemblies & much more, including 6th Form Conference Days and running Christian Unions. 

If you would like to know more, please download our booklet here.

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 “Thank you for running CU. I really like it. I was afraid of telling people about my faith but because of CU I know that others believe in the same things as me and I have been telling people about it.

“Geoff”, aged 13.

At Overton Grange we have had nothing but a positive experience working with Sutton Schoolswork in delivering some of our assemblies. Every assembly delivered uses a variety of strategies, ranging from use of video footage, student participation and practical demonstrations which is why our students find them both interesting and informative."

Keith Stride, Deputy Head Teacher, Overton Grange School

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Christian Unions
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