Image by Kelli Tungay

Welcome to The Easter Diaries  

The Easter Diaries is a set of videos designed for years 4-6 to learn more about the Easter story and how it might have felt for some of the people involved.
The story is split into 4 parts told from the perspectives of some of the disciples - Peter, Judas and Mary.
There is a worksheet with some activities and questions for each part to help the children explore the story more. 
Part 1 - Palm Sunday and the Temple
Part 3 - Peter denies Jesus, Jesus' trial and crucifixion 
Part 2 - The Last supper and Garden of Gethsemane (Jesus' arrest) 
Part 4 - Jesus comes back to life
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Designed to be a booklet (print double sided flip on the short side)
All videos as well as a full length version are available on our SSW YouTube page.